Answer Section

AGHOR is not only centralized in some Sect, Religion, Sampradaya or Path. But it is a Stage, state of mind. The Supreme Stage of spritual field where the Practitioner attains MUKTI. Person practicing through any sect or religion, if he proceeds continuosly onward, leaving behind the hurdles like "Siddhee", Miraculous acts, Special Powers, etc then at last he could be able to achieve the stage of Aughor.

According to different sects, religion & language it is named as "AUGHAR", "KAAPALIK", "SAANKALYA", "PARAMHANSA", "AULIYA", "MALANGA" etc. Aghor is not a new topic, it is said to be the origion of universe. As far as the history of culture available it starts from Stone Age, since then upto the middle Vedic Period the same is known as "Saral Dharma" (simple & easy religion). In the middle Vedic era our learned thinkers, Rishis & Maharishis observed the change in the tendency.