Answer Section

As the name of Baba Keena Ram Jee Maharaj is attached with the name of this school, so generally people think that he was the founder of Aghor and this school. But it is not so. He was rejuvenator of 16th century, This particular part of land is existing as a pious place since tthe creation of universe. Lord Shiva remains here according to the need of society in human form or formless position like wind, to control the universe. We can found cetrain facts in History about this place. Previously "Sri Sumedha Rishi" of Pauranik Period, too rejuvenated this place and did a lot for humanity. King Harishchandra too passed his final test of "Satya"(Truth) from here as his son was bitten by a snake at the bank of this pond. From 6th or 7th century the place became very salient and was covered with dense forest. It is believed that Gautam Buddha also went through this place to attain the final "Sakti".

Since then up to 16th century period, society became very wretched. Humanity was being ruined. Hatred, Untouchability, Poverty, Sufferings and many other problems were prevaling. All were roaming in fear, dejection,etc. so "Lord Shiva" took the form of Aghoree and came in the name of "Aghoracharya Baba Keenaram Ji Maharaj". and rejuvenated this place again and realized the fearfull and destructive form of future. He did a lot for all and established the throne system to control the future, so his name was attached with this school.