Baba Bhagwan Ram Ji

Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram Ji was a spritual phenomenon who emerged as an Aghoreshwar during the chaos of modern world. He hailed from Kinarami Aughar tradition and opened the door of his spritual path for commoners and house holders for the first time. Born in a village "Gunari" near Ara, Bihar, India, his early life was full of trials and tribulations. He lost his father at minor age. Although his grand mother got him admitted in the village school, he never had any interest in studies. After the school was over, he used to assemble his friends at a lonely temple of village and shared spritual stories with them. His grandmother whom he reverently called "Aazi" was his real teacher who instilled in him spritual samskar from very begining. With the lapse of time, he developed disinterest towards mundane life and preferred to lead a reculsive life in a hut constructed amidst guava grove, away from human habitation. Later on, he left home for ever and headed towards unknown destination. Starved, he loitered from one place to another and finally reached Varanasi only to be helped and fed by Mata Annapurna (The food is worshiped as Goddess Annapurna), who directed him to seek shelter in Baba Kinaram Ashram.

There he was intriduced to Kinarami Aughar tradition of sainthood by Baba Rajeshwar Ram Ji but he could not remain there for long period. He left Ashram and wandered along river banks. In course of practicing severe sadhna he became extremely lean and thin and thereafter atained God realization. Gradually, his name and fame travelled far and wide and wherever he stayed for the purpose of sadhna, people flocked to him in large number for seeking blessings. Later on his guru called him back to stay at Ashram, although he obeyed his Guru he left the ashram after paying due respect since he had to play a greater role in the society not only as a mere saint but as a servant of afflicted and neglected populace on the broader canvas of humanity, nationality and universality.

Although he was a saint, his heart was torn apart by the effect of prevalent social evils,customs,malpractices,selfishness, hatred, communal disharmony and poverty in the society. Virtually he waged war against decadent social customs and evils like casteism, dowry system,drug addiction,untoucability. For his deep respect for women he taught people to give them due honour as the source of energy and giver of nectar in form of milk. Although, he remained engrossed in Cosmic Consciousness all the time, he was never oblivious of his duty to mankind. Services to suffering people won him universal acclaim and accolade. He opened a hospital for lepers in Varanasi under the banner of Sri Sarveshwari Samooh. This was the first major step towards mitigating the sufferings of the poor and neglected people of the society in a more tangible and organized way by any Aughar monk of India.

At Manhattan, USA he left his mortal frame and mingled with eternity in the year 1992. For the first time in the history of Aughar tradition, his body was consigned to fire as per Hindu rituals by his disciple "Pujya Siddharth Gautam Ram Ji" the current Peethadheswar of Baba Kinaram Sthal which amply authenticated the fact that he was a true trend setter or path breaker.