Baba Keenaram Ji

Baba Kinaram had direct vision of Bhagwan Dattatreya. It was he who meet Baba Kinaram at Varanasi in the guise of Baba Kaluram. The place-Kautila preserved in Krim-Kunda Sthal bears the testimony to their divine meeting. The statue of Dutt Mahaprabhu set up in the Sthal remind us of the presence of "Bhagwan Dattatreya" in the spritual environment of Sthal. The Krim-Kund(Sthal) is believed to be the meeting ground of two thoughts-streams-Kailashi & Girnari tradition and stands for oneness of all sects viz., Shavishm, Vaishnavism and Shakta. Aghoracharya Baba Keenaram Ji Maharaj was born on Aghor Chaturdashi(Bhadrapad) in 1601 A.D in Ramgarh village, then in district Varanasi. The entire region became over jyoed when the childless couple Shree Akbar Singh and Mansa Devi finally got their child. After the birth, the child neither cries nor suckled at his mother's breast for three days. After three days when three monks (who were believed to be manisfestations of Lord Sadashiva --Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) came there, took the child in their arms and wishpered something into his ears. Amazingly the child began to cry for the first time since birth. It is from that day onwards the Lolark Shashti festival is celebrated as Sanskar(Shashti, usually celebrated in Hindu religion after five days of birth) of Maharaj Shree (Baba Kinaram Ji). Goddess Hinglaaj blessed Baba Keenaram in Girnar and followed him to Krim-Kund situated in Shivala Varanasi. Baba Kinaram is the founding father of the ancient Aghor seat of Varanasi. Hinglaaj Maa is present in the Yantra, which is the representation of deity in mystical geometric pattern. Baba Kaluramji known to be "Guru"(spritual teacher) awakened the consciousness of "Aghor" in Baba Kinaram. Later on baba Kinaram eastablished himself in the city of Varanasi for the service of the people and enlightened them with the ancient wisdom. He has mentioned principles of Aghor in his books Viveksar, Ramgita, Ramrasal and Unmuniram. The book called Viveksar written by Baba Kinaram is said to be the most authentic treatise on the principles of Aghor. During his tour Kinaramji first stopped at the dwelling of "Grihast Saint", Baba Shiva Das for few days. Baba Shiva Das observed Baba Kinarm activities very minutely and was impressed by the extraordinary qualities, suspecting that he is an Avtar or an reincarnation. One day while on way to bath in river Ganga, Baba Shiva Das handed over his entire belongings to the boy Kinaram and hid himself in nearby bushes. He observed that the river Ganga become very restless as the boy approached closer. The level of water started to rise, and suddenly setteled down only after touching the feets of Baba Kinaram. Baba Kinaram was known as the biggest saint of the Era of Aghor tradition also known as Lord Shiva tradition. He was the first Founder/Peethadheswar of Baba Kinaram Sthal and before he took Samadhi he conveyed to his disciples that he will Re-incarnate as 11th Peethadheswar of Krim- Kund (Kinarm Sthal).