Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram Ji

Pujya Shree Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram Ji is the current Peethadhiswar/Abbot of Baba Keenaram Sthal. A God Incarnate, his birth is shrouded in mystery. Awadhoot Bhagwaan Ram Ji is believed to have created him out of his Tapobal (power of asceticism). He introduced him in the Aughar tradition at the age of mere five and groomed him to ascend the coveted post of Peethadhiswar/Abbot of Krim-Kund on Feburary, 10, 1978 at the age of 9 only. It was an event full day in the history of Aghor tradition because for the first time a divine boy was elevated to the glorious spiritual post which was hitherto graced by illumined Aughar Siants. It is extremely difficult to understand the mind of Aughar saints, whose actions are shrouded in mystery but devised and formulated in accordance with esoteric future plans.Human service is the first priority of Aughar and living up of the expectations of the glorious tradition of this faith, young and energetic "Baba Sidhartha Gautam Ram Ji" has launched himself on the mission of spritual enlightenment and social service, side by side, infusing a new lease of life in the "Sri Sarveshwari Samooh"-a social organization founded by Awadhoot Bhagwan Ram Ji with a view to translate his guru's dreams into reality. He has added a new dimension to this organization by taking up the cause of educational awareness in remote rural areas; the setting up of Maa Maitrayini Yogini Senior Secondary School (Named after Mother of his guru Awadhooth Bhagwan Ram Ji) at Gunari-Ara, Bihar, bears testimony to the fact that the lamp of human service kindled by his reverend spritual master is still burning with intensity spreading soothing light all around. Pujya Baba does not follow traditional dress codes of ancient Aughars (who clad themselves in loin-cloth and smeared bodies with ash). On the contrary he prefers to look like a common youth of the country with clean shave and usual hair style. Although his outward appearance does not resemble traditional form of Aughars, internally he is as austere and unalloyed as his predecessors were( which can't be explained in words but can be felt individually). Even amidst crowds of million and millions he can be recognised by his radiating face, imposing personality and divine gestures. He maintains an aura of aloofness from common people but at the same time mixes with them freely, shedding all sorts of reservations. Out of love and respect people reverently call him ("An Aughar from among us").