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In normal case, skull contains the Mind, the most important part of the body. It is also know as central nerves system. It controls the whole act of body. According to Yoga Philosophy, the same is named as Brahma-Randhra, the soul is supposed as the part of the creator, the Shiva, the greatest unknown, thus it is the most pious one. Being the residence of such as a pious one, it is very pious part of the body. The erection of the skull memorize us the story of "Maharaj Shree" meeting with his Guru "Adi Guru Dattatrey Ji Maharaj" at Kamandal Kund at the top of Girnar Mountain, where he attained the pious vision, "Aghor Stage". Adi Guru Dattatrey Ji Maharaj ordered to Keenaram Ji to server the poor and suffering people of the society. While returning back he visited the power "Goddess Hinglaaj" at Karachi (now in Pakistan) under her direction he moved to Kashi (now Varanasi) at Harishchandra Ghat (the cremation ground) where he saw that Baba Kalu Ram Ji Maharaj ("Adi Guru Dattatrey Ji Maharaj in Kalu Ram Ji form) was feeding corn to few skulls, he realized that it could be his another examination and so he stopped the skulls from eating the corn. Memorizing his examination he errected the skulls on the main entrance gate of the Keenaram Stahl.