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Place where the dead body of a Saint is burried is called Samaadhi. Till the Yantra of Shiva Linga is placed it is incomplete. It is believed that Prayers done before Samaadhi of great Saints is really fruitful. "Baba Keenaram Ji Maharaj Shree" Samaadhi is very much situated at this sacred place in form of a Temple.
He lived in his body for 170 years, fighting with misunderstandings and other falls orthodox practices prevailing in the society due to which the mass of the society was being debarred from the society leading a secluded and disgusted life. He honoured the ladies too, leading a very poor life earning their bread by body business etc. He awakened them all and encouraged them by preaching the real way of life. They were leading a secluded poor and most neglected life in the society. Baba Keenaram Ji embraced all and encouraged them for better life with respect.