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What happens at any Shamshan(Cremation Ground) it can be easily realized by any one. It's a place of initiating the journey for final destination (funeral). People come here in the state of sorrow and dejection carrying dead body of their loved once for funeral. Thus the atmosphere of this place always remains deeply overwhelmed with the dejection and eternal peace and sorrow. So under the direction of Guru, the able devotee visit this place for few hours and attains the feeling of peace and dejection, the renunciation easily, ahead than that Fear, Hesitation and Hatred from the dead body vanishes automatically from them. Generally the visitor at this place realizes that there is nothing, all the wordly matter and relations are false. This is one of the main cause that very minute percent of them move towards the path of salvation from Maya Jaal (unrealistic world / life). Major of the percent forget every thing when moved out of this place. One thing is very sure that such ability comes in generation to generation through long practice. Though the path of Aghor is very easy and simple but the simplicity is very tough and critical. So hardly one or two among, millions and millions at any time are fortunately able to achieve the stage of Aghora. Such people are fortunately available in this universe. Generally those who are living at Shamshan, wearing typical dress, keeping skull or human bone with them and awkward position and behaviour are not Aughar. One who has attained the stage of Aughar becomes very simple, polite to all sweet speaking, full of love and affection to all merciful for the poor and sufferings living beings, living in simple and generous manner as a gentle man they visit this place on and off.