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Generally the human tendency is to have a company of man like them. So Guru bears a figure of a gentleman neither Guru is a component. Chief Guru is Lord Shiva. For the need of the society he takes the shape of man, so that the people may easily come before him live or have a company of him freely. Guru has the power to attract the person coming before him. He observes each and every acts of the person before him like screening and has got the efficiency to evaporate his love and affection towards him. The Guru's teachings may not conform to the ancient scriptures, as they are designed to meet the exigencies of time and place. The Guru's teachings cut through life's difficulties, unveil Her mysteries, and lead us toward a bright future. Some people compare the Guru with the Parasa stone, a stone which converts iron into gold. This converted gold however does not possess the power to turn another piece of iron into gold, whereas the Guru not only leads forth the Guru in his own image but bestows the capacity to bring forth others.