Answer Section

As it is stated in its definition that the person practicing from any sect, religion, panth, parampara or sampradaya, each can attain this stage if he proceeds onward continuously leaving behind the hurdles or miraculous acts, Sidhee etc. Generally the practitioners deviated by attaining such power etc. and proclaim themselves as Aughor. Next to it those who actually attained the stage they become habitual to live a life through which they have practised, as Muslim live and speak in their own state of living. Yogies in their own, the Taantriks in their own pattern and living. So a lot of mis-understanding are attached with it. Generally the quacks are the main reason in this case, knowing nothing, bearing furious and awkward dress and appearance, eating, drinking and enjoying only. Though it is very simple and easy but is very hard too. Hardly one or two may attain it at any time among millions of millions.

In the end I would like to say that a lot of reasons are behind it. But very important one is that, if anyhow one attain this stage, he becomes like Rudra, the Shiva merciful to all, very generous and loyal to society.They assemble such unwanted person around him to protect the society from their unwanted act and mend them gradually, without any consideration of his circle or Ashram. Let them finish their rough and dangerous act in the campus of his Ashram.

Change according the period is necessary but simplicity and easiness must be considered. Neither rigidity nor orthodoxity prevails. Lord Buddha produced the very Saral Dharam periodically, so it prevailed all over the world. In 16th century Aghoracharya Baba Keenaram Ji Maharaj again changed it according to the period. In 19th century Aghoracharya Baba Bhagwan Ram Ji Maharaaj" again represented the same periodically and currently Aghoracharya Baba siddharth Gautam Ram doing the same. Dharma creates character and civilized citizenship whereas rigidity and orthoxity ruins all. DHARMA is the soul of culture.