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As far as, we know, there is no institute from nursery to university, where such subjects are introduced, except few cinematographical institute for acting only. But from literate to illiterate and all living-being have got such soft corner as instincts, which some time goes at such height, that by hurdles they commit suicide too. Thus, the long contact with Guru or such powerful place, it starts automatically. When one visits fortunately to Guru or such powerful place with open heart-as empty-pot, free from any desires, pride of knowledge etc. like an innocent child! The Rays of Guru vision or pious place arises his inner self like hypnotism-method. Then his inner self becomes active, through which he perform his all responsibilities like a child, without any feeling-that I am doing such and such like a machine, by which the feeling of his act becomes unknown to him. Such action is called as (Nishkam Karma) and the same inspires and connects with Guru or Place. By the very process, Guru or such place remains with him, every time everywhere, to control or direct accordingly to lead up to the stage of "Aghora". The Para Bhakti, thus performing all routine work, keep the figure of Guru in heart and vision, repeat his name or mantra, awarded by him. Continuously without the use of tongue and lips having no consideration for purity, impurity latrine, bath or embedding. Nothing is pure, impure or wrong, be free, follow truth and inner inspiration.