About Aghor

The existence of Lord Shiva "Aghor" is believed to be there even before creation of life in universe. Aghor is an ancient spritual discipline and has been practised ever since the early days of Vedic Era. Words like "Aghor", "Aughad", "Kapalik", "Aghori", "Aughar", "Awadhoot" means the same, which is simple and natural state of consciousness. There is no place for feelings of fear , hatred, disgust or discrimination in the eyes of an Aughor. A person who practices these virtues may be designated as an Aughor. With Constant practice when the soul is established in that state, such a person becomes an Awadhoot regardless of its path.

An Aghoreshwar is an Awadhoot who has gone through all the stages of Aghor and has returned to the society for the benefits of others. Even though an Aghoreshwar remains above and beyond all social and material illusions, distinctions and categories, he can bring numerous social reforms into effect. The name of Aghor is a mantra that is above all other mantras. There is nothing higher to be known than the real nature of Maa Guru, which is nothing but pure and divine soul devoid of any boundaries and distinction within every living being. Lord Dattatrey who is believed to be the initiator of "Aughor's" lineage on earth is known to reflect the real nature of Maa Guru in even in the form of human body..

According to religious texts, Lord Brahma (one of most important Hindu Deity) had seven sons(manas putra). The second son born out of Brahma's eye was known as Atri. He was married to the daughter of Kardam Rishi, Anusuiya. The couple was great devotees of God and while doing severe penance on the Riksh mountain got darshan of unified form "Tridev" who in return taught them the philosophy of distinction-less-ness. Maa Anusuiya was embodiment and glory of female species and even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh bowed their heads to her. Couple was blessed with a divine son Dattatrey by the grace of Trinity known to be a unified form of Para-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.